Controlling exposures to prevent occupational lung disease in industry


Breathe Freely in Manufacturing

Manufacturing workers are at high risk from fumes given off by welding and hot cutting processes which give off very fine particles that cause cancer, COPD and an increased susceptibility to pneumonia.


Controlling exposures to

prevent occupational lung

disease in manufacturing

Control Selector Tool


Control Selector Tool

This toolkit provides information for managers to better recognise the welding hazards and implement the most appropriate controls through an easy to use flowchart guide.


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Breathe Freely in Manufacturing

Breakfast Roadshows

We are pleased to invite you to our Breathe Freely in Manufacturing roadshow in South Wales on 24 May 2018.


This morning seminar is FREE to attend and is perfect for anyone who plays a pivotal role in protecting workers health in the manufacturing sector.


The event will be focusing on the prevention of lung disease in manufacturing, and especially the area of welding.


Read more and REGISTER your interest now>>.



Breakfast Roadshows


BOHS, EEF and EAS Protecting Welders' Health Roadshows 2018.


BOHS, in collaboration with EEF the manufacturer’s organisation, and the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, would like to invite you to
a series of morning seminars that focus on the prevention of lung disease amongst welders in the manufacturing industry.


These FREE-to-attend events provide important information for anyone who has a Health & Safety role in the manufacturing industry, and especially those who are responsible for the protection of workers’ health.


Read more and REGISTER your interest now>>.


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