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With over 75,000 welders directly exposed to the risks associated with inhaling welding fume and many thousands of others also exposed on the shop floor the collection and treatment of welding fume is a paramount concern.


Plymovent is the leading company in the effective treatment of welding fume, capturing it at source wherever possible and in the general workplace where necessary. Plymovent have been at the forefront of creating a clean working environment in the metalworking industry for over 40 years with both employers and employees benefitting from our technological and applications experience.

It isn’t just about the welder!






SKC is known as a leading manufacturer of air sample pumps and media for the occupational hygiene and health and safety markets.


With over 50 years of experience in the design, development, and manufacture of quality air sampling equipment, we offer product support that is second to none.

Our website is packed with free guidance and downloads, and our Technical Customer Support Team is always available.


We are very proud of the reputation we have for robust and reliable pumps, and our team of skilled technicians have decades of experience and expertise to perform comprehensive servicing and calibration on the equipment we supply.

We also offer a hands-on training course on air sampling for a variety of airborne hazards. The course is a mixture of theory and practical sessions and provides hints and tips that can’t be found in books.

Our UK office works closely with the BOHS and we are pleased to once again support the Breathe Freely initiative.


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