Breathe Freely Controlling exposures to prevent occupational lung disease in industry
Breathe Freely UK

The AIOH is committed to protect worker’s health by improving hazard awareness, risk assessments of exposures and control management of occupational dust-related lung diseases.

The Breathe Freely Australia website has enabled the AIOH to reach out to a variety of industries and workers and help contribute to this goal. The AIOH is most grateful to the generosity of the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) to allow the AIOH to use their original concept and website content to develop a website for Australian workers.

The AIOH would also like to recognise and thank a number of members who generously gave their time and shared their experiences to develop the slide packs and add to the success of Breathe Freely Australia.

BFA National Team

Barry Chesson
Martin Jennings
Sharann Johnson
Julia Norris
Andrew Orfanos

Engineered Stone

Halil Ahmet
Perdita Dickson
Sharann Johnson
Mark Lewis
Carolyn Topping
Michael Weller


Brian Davies
Claire di Corleto
Ross di Corleto
Mark Desira
Fritz Djukic
Jen Hines
Sharann Johnson