Breathe Freely Controlling exposures to prevent occupational lung disease in industry
Breathe Freely UK

Control Selector Tool

This toolkit provides information for managers to better recognize the welding hazards and manage and implement the most appropriate controls through an easy-to-use online tool.

Tools, Fact Sheets, & Guides

Poster Infographic

A3 poster illustrating work-related lung disease and deaths in the UK manufacturing sector.

Welding Toolbox Talk

A concise summary of the potential health hazards arising from Welding in the manufacturing industry and what can be done to identify and address them.

Overview Brochure

A concise summary of the health hazards arising from the manufacturing industry and how the Breathe Freely campaign aims to address them.

Guidance on Exposure to Manganese Hazards & Controls

Material being welded and the welding rods contain many substances, one of them is manganese (Mn). There is a growing concern regarding the impact of this metal on human health.

Monitoring Exposure to Welding Fume

Air monitoring and measurement may be needed where there is a serious risk to health from the inhalation of welding fume and the likely exposure level of the welders to the fume is not know.

RPE Programme for Welders

Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) may be needed to protect welders from exposure to welding fume and metal.

An Introduction to LEV

Advice on the design and management of LEV systems to help you control workers’ exposure to welding fume and gases.

The Welding Hierarchy of Control

A prioritized list of control measures to reduce the risk of hazardous exposure in welding.

Why do workers need protecting?

Welding is one of the most common activities carried out in industry and there are a number of health hazards associated with welding in particular.

What can an occupational hygienist help with?

A prioritised list of control measures to reduce the risk of hazardous exposures in welding.